Faith Community Nursing & Health and Wellness
Leader: Carol McKenzie & Cindy Martindale


 What is Faith Community Nursing?

Faith Community Nursing is the intentional integration of the practice of nursing so that people can achieve wholeness in, with, and through the community of faith in which Faith Community Nurses serve.

What is a Faith Community Nurse?

Faith Community Nursing is recognized by the American Nurses Association as a specialty practice area for registered nurses who have completed an endorsed training program.  In some communities, Faith Community Nurses are called 'Congregational Health Nurses'.  This is an independent nursing practice which does not involve 'hands-on' health care.  Faith Community Nurses can be found in congregations of every denomination and faith tradition in rural, urban and suburban settings.  The nurse actively promotes wellness, wholeness, and preventive health.  Faith Community Nursing originated in Illinois during the 1980's; over 10,000 Faith Community Nurses are now part of an international movement.

Functions of a Faith Community Nurse.

~ Integrator of Faith and Health ~

Promotes the relationship between faith and health to improve body, mind, spirit.

~ Health Educator ~

Provides opportunities to learn about health issues.

~ Personal Health Counselor ~

Discusses health concerns emphasizing early response to problems and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

~ Health Advocat ~

 Speaks out to help others obtain needed health services.  Empowers individuals and families to obtain appropriate health care and health.

~ Referral Agent ~

 Provides referral to healthcare and social services.

 ~ Facilitator of Volunteers ~

Cordinates volunteers to help those in need.

~ Developer of Support Groups ~

 Facilitates support groups for the community.

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