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Like wind, beautiful sunsets and  wheat, United Methodists are everywhere in Northwest Oklahoma! As pastor of the Alva First United Methodist Church, I want to invite you to join us on Sunday morning for learning and worship.  Beginning in September our Wednesday Night Live will resume.  This congregation is eager to share the love of Jesus Christ and to include you in our missional teams.  

Do you know Jesus? We will share with you our stories and you will find him in our prayer, fellowship, learning and worship!  I look forward to meeting you soon-


Pastor Carol





Fidelis Class meets in the Church Parlor

(photo by Fred Neuman)

First Row: Yvonne Carmichael, Judy Martin (now deceased),

Mary Holder, Shirley Bellah.

Second Row: Lois Brown, Suzanne Resler,

Sherry Harzman, JoAnne Melton.
Current members include Jean Sneary,

Joyce Hickman, Rita Polf, Ruth Welborn.


The class was founded by the wives

of servicemen during World War 2.


Meeting Jesus for the First Time 

Do you know him?

He’s that carpenter’s son. For 30 years we do not see him or hear about him, and then boom! He appears at the Jordan River to be baptized by John. Who is this man/Son of God to you?


One of the classic theological scenes in a movie can be found in “Talladega Nights.” I know, a reference to this movie may seem out of place. There is a discussion about praying to Jesus at the table blessing. Ricky Bobby’s wife tells him that Jesus grew up, so he doesn’t have to always refer to Jesus as “Baby Jesus.” His reply is, “Well, I like the Christmas Jesus best and I’m saying grace. When you say grace, you can say it to grownup Jesus, or teenage Jesus, or bearded Jesus or whoever you want.” Now, it is meant to be humorous. Some may be offended by this humor. I think it reveals a quandary in Christian faith. Who are we praying to when we pray to Jesus? Are we praying to the baby in the manger, the Jesus who rises out of the waters of baptism as a dove descends, the Jesus who heals the lepers, or disrupts the venders in the temple? Or are we praying to Jesus on the cross or Jesus at the empty tomb?


You might wonder what difference does it make? The difference is in what we believe about the one we are praying to, trusting in, and giving our lives to each day. We will understand the manifestation of God in Jesus when we study the many roles that Jesus plays as our redeemer. Through him, we will know God. By knowing God, we will know how to live.


Our new sermon series will dive into “Meeting Jesus for the First Time.”



“Meeting Jesus for the First Time”


January 13 “The Cleaner”

Isaiah 43:1-7; Luke 3:15-17, 21-22


January 20 “Mamas Boy”

John 2:1-11


January 27 “Town Reject”

Luke 4:14-21


February 3 “The Recruiter”

Luke 4:21-30


February 10 “Mountain Preacher”

       Luke 6:17-26


February 24 “Forgiver”

       Luke 6:27-38


To be a Greeter, Usher, Liturgist, Children's Time, Choir Member, U.M. Women, U.M. Men or Work with the Youth, please talk to Carol or Call the Church Office.

   February 2019   
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